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Featured Articles PRO slideshow themes

Choose from the 9 default themes and customize the colors using the color scheme editor feature. It's and easy process, clicks only and your WordPress slideshow will look the same as your overall website design.
Or, if you want, create your own custom slideshow theme from scratch. All tools are in place and we even have documentation to help you. It's all a matter of choice.

Featured Articles PRO comes with 7 default themes implemented in it (only 3 for LITE version).
All themes can be color customized by simply creating a new color stylesheet with a unique name into folder colors available in each slider theme folder. This enables color customization without changing the main theme stylesheet.
Please note that themes can be switched on any slider you create at any time.
While some of the themes are available in both Featured Articles PRO and Lite versions, others are available only for PRO users.
See and test below all available themes Featured Articles currently has.
All sliders displayed below are using real posts from our website.

Theme Classic free

Theme classic simply comes in two colors, dark and lite. Creating new color schemes is very easy and implies only changing the colors on certain element by using a custom stylesheet.
Available in both Featured Articles PRO and Lite.
The video slide is a feature available only for custom created slides in Featured Articles PRO.

Theme Smoke free

Smoke displays the info panel overlapped on the background image. Other than that, animation is pretty straight forward.
Available in both Featured Articles PRO and Lite.

Theme Title Navigation free

Title Navigation is different from Classic only by displaying the navigation links on the right side and it doesn’t have thumbnail animation.
Available in both Featured Articles PRO and Lite.

Theme Accordion PRO

Accordion is video enabled and responsive. The script will resize the slides according to the width of the page on both page load and window resize.
Available for Featured Articles PRO.

My First slide

October 24, 2011 This is the text of my first slide. It will be displayed as slide content for you to read. The read-more link will take you to this website's homepage. go to homepage

Second slide

October 24, 2011 And we put some text here just for fun. go nowhere

And finally, third slide

October 24, 2011 Again, some demo text in here. open page in blank

Vimeo video

December 15, 2011 Video for New Jackson's The Night Mail EP. go nowhere

Carousel is also video enabled and responsive. Bottom navigation will resize itself according to the width of the page on both page load and window resize and on resize will keep the active element in view.
Available for Featured Articles PRO.

Theme Minimal PRO

A great looking theme with a nice explosion effect implemented in it. Also, it has thumbnail display on navigation mouse over and sideways navigation on mouse over.
Available for Featured Articles PRO.

This theme comes with timer implemented when autoslide is on and animation on info panel. Also, when navigation links exceed the total width of the slider, navigation slides on current element or can be navigated by clicking the left-right arrows. Same as previous theme, it displays a thumbnail on navigation mouse over.
Available for Featured Articles PRO.

  • Vimeo video
  • YouTube video
  • My First slide
  • Second slide
  • And finally, third slide

Theme Ribbons PRO

Same as Navobar, Ribbons has a timer implemented on autoslide. Except that, it animates the info panel on slide change.
Available for Featured Articles PRO.

Theme Strips PRO

Strips is recommended for small pieces of information. It has a nice effect on slide change and displays information in a pretty unusual way.
Available for Featured Articles PRO.

And these are just the default themes!

Don’t forget, with a little bit of CSS and some drops of JavaScript you are able to create an entirely different theme suited for your specific project.

Get Featured Articles PRO!

And have all the above themes ready to get into action; priority support included.

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