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Featured Articles is a responsive WordPress slider plugin
that makes creating WordPress sliders a task that is as easy as writing a post.

A unique WordPress slider plugin

Featured Articles introduces a different WordPress slider creation workflow that seemingly integrates with WordPress interface to allow you to create sliders from your WordPress content fast and easy.


Allowing some advanced and unique slider publishing methods makes Featured Articles the best WordPress slider plugin available on the market right now.

Improved WordPress slider creation

Designed to keep all things in one place, Featured Articles introduces a new workflow when creating WordPress sliders. As a plus, it follows WordPress’s design so everything will look familiar and you won’t have to learn a completely new interface.


Bottom line, your WordPress sliders will look better with minimum amount of work.


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Extensible and adaptive to your needs

No longer you will be confined to a rigid system. With lots of hooks and filters, all documented with clear examples, Featured Articles adapts to your needs and can be turned into any type of WordPress slider you need.


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Clear interface, plenty of options

Featured Articles puts the power back into your hands. With a clear visual interface that follows WordPress standards, it will maximize the outcome with minimal effort. Turning your content into a WordPress slider in just a few minutes it’s now a reality.


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Responsive & video enabled

Featured Articles slider themes are responsive by default and will offer the best viewing experience on any screen size. They also allow you to create WordPress sliders that display videos from Vimeo and YouTube.


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Performance and security

Giving you the options to preload images and having cache capabilities, Featured Articles is guaranteed to deliver fast loading WordPress sliders that will ensure a low loading time of your web pages. Apart from that, the careful coding of the plugin having performance as a must will definitely give you an edge over your competition.


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Slider Plugin Features

From desktop computers to the latest Apple device, Feature Articles will display WordPress sliders in a flawless fashion.
By providing lots of filters and actions, Featured Articles allows you to nook into its core functionality and modify almost anything.
SEO Friendly
Links with title, images with alt tags and title and many other features make Featured Articles the best WordPress slider plugin and the most SEO fiendly.
Support and updates
We always stood behind our work by providing quality support that comes in time simply because we love to help, collaborate and exchange ideas with our users.
Easy WordPress slider publishing
By allowing to publish sliders with shortcodes, widgets and even dynamic areas (much like WordPress widgets), Featured Articles offers a complete way of publishing sliders.
Fast loading
Featured Articles allows slider caching which by far will decrease your page loading time. Combined with the option of preloading images in WordPress sliders, you will experience blazing fast loading time.
Visual slider theme editor
All default slider themes that come with Featured Articles can be customized to fit your website design by using the incorporated theme editor. All visual, no need for coding skills.
Easy workflow
With a clear interface, derived from WordPress, Featured Articles is the easiest way of creating WordPress sliders from your existing content, no matter the post type, videos or images.
Create additional slider themes
If your project needs a special slider theme, it can be easily created if you have some basic coding knowledge. Complete tutorials can guide you while you develop your next state of the art slider theme.
Video enabled
Incorporating YouTube or Vimeo videos into WordPress sliders was never easier than with Featured Articles. By simply providing a video ID, the plugin will populate title, description and image automatically (and embed your video if you wish so).
Sliders from any WordPress content
Anything works! Regular posts, custom post types, images, all of them can be incorporated into sliders. You can also control which post types shuold be used in sliders and which shouldn’t.
Dynamic slider publishing
Featured Articles introduces a unique concept of slider publishing: the dynamic areas. This method of publishing is much like the WordPress widgets functionality, allowing you to quickly manage your sliders from a visual interface.

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