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WordPress slideshow plugin

Showcase any WordPress content
with customizable slideshows
that blend-in with your website design.

Get it Plugin Features
Featured Articles plugin for WordPress - customizable theme color

Featured Articles is the best WordPress slider plugin!

Why? Well, have you ever wrote a post in WordPress? Is so easy! WordPress developers have done a great job and we’re all thankful for that. With time though, posts pile up and get so buried even you forget about them! And with so much content, how can you signal your readers about your new content?

Featured Articles PRO can do that for you just as easy as writing posts. It can create some good looking WordPress sliders from all kind of content, be it pages, posts, images or even videos from YouTube and Vimeo. More than that, it comes with 7 default slideshow themes that can be further customized with a friendly visual customization tool.

Highly customizable WordPress sliders

By now, you must have already used some kind of WordPress slideshow plugin. While using it, you might have wanted to change how it looks, probably some text color, remove some information you didn’t use, like post date or something else. And probably you needed some videos displayed into a slideshow. And a different theme. And some custom text in slides. And maybe, just maybe, wanted to create a slideshow that contains some very specific posts or pages. But you didn’t knew how, because there were no options for this kind of customizations.

Well, with Featured Articles PRO you get all that and you get it from a visual interface, no code modifications to replace a post title, just a few clicks and that’s it. And if you want to change a slideshow theme, you just have to select it from a select box. Easy, right? Or if you want to publish a video into a slide, you just have to provide the video ID, customize the player a little and hit save.

Plugin features based on users requests!

We have a beautiful community around this plugin. Awesome users that share ideas and help us improve this plugin with every new forum thread, ticket request or e-mail. We thank them all and promise that we’ll do our best not to let them down, Lite or PRO users alike. Here are just some of the suggestions they made over the time to help us improve this plugin.

Better image management

Instead of our own process of setting images for slides, we decided it’s best to use the default WordPress Media Gallery upload.

Even more themes

And even better themes! Now you can change the slider animation from within the theme and also change colors in themes easy and painless.

Better content management

Create WordPress sliders that combine posts, pages, custom posts or custom slides. Or use just one type of them. You choose!

Easy CSS styling of Featured Articles themes

Customize themes

Using a visual editor, make a slideshow theme blend-in with your overall website design in just a few minutes. Fast and painless!

Video enabled Featured Articles slider

Video enabled

Attach videos to custom slides from either Vimeo or YouTube and customize the player so it displays only what you want.

Featured Articles posts customization

Customize slideshow posts

Get full control over what gets displayed into a slideshow. Customize posts, pages and custom posts to display a different title, text, link and even background color.

Featured Articles PRO features