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Floating Menu WordPress plugin

Make WordPress menus look good. Put a slick, lightweight floating menu on your blog. Get it

WordPress floating menu

An alternative WordPress menu navigation, the plugin allows placement of menus that follow the page scroll in any WordPress blog. Compatible with WordPress 3.4, uses jQuery for animations and scrolling and a lightweight CSS file for styling.

Providing several options, it can be customized to use animations on page scroll or a fixed position display, depending on preference.

Menus are created directly from WordPress Menus administration page and must be placed into the menu position the plugin creates. By using only default WordPress functionality the plugin stays lightweight and doesn’t add overhead to page load.


- Uses default WordPress menus
- Can display multi-level menus
- Lightweight in both coding and styling
- Can use animation on page scroll or display on a fixed position
- Easy to use and customize
- Free of any charge

Docs and support

Support is provided on our forums, if you find yourself into trouble or have a feature request, feel free to post on CodeFlavors Floating Menu forums.
Also, a documentation area is available to help in the process of customizing and using the plugin. All docs are available in CodeFlavors Floating Menu docs area.

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